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Baba Jotram Story

Baba Jotram Story

Baba Jotram Life Story

Jotram Jeevan Katha -Baba Jotaram Ji was born in Bhanin village (Taranagar tehsil, Churu district, Rajasthan), His mother name is Kasturi Devi and father name Sultan Ram Godara. Jotram was Soft nature from his childhood. he has Religious ideas and their special attachment to God. After Jotram Ji, his three brothers, and four sisters. Those whose names were respectively – Chaudhary Jhabar Ram, Chaudhary Ladhuram, Chaudhary Hardayal. And the sisters have Nandkaur, Sajna, Jhadia, and Sona. Jotram had great affection to her sister Sajna, Once in his childhood, his eyes had become an infection, he started giving more attention to Ram Bhajan. Their main work was to cultivate, but Jotram Ji used to take his sheep to graze the forest himself.

At the age of 18, he was married to Rajkor Sihag, From time to time, RajKaur Sihag gave birth to two sons, whose names were kept in Hari Singh and Ram Savarup, Jotram Ji followed the household religion for 8 years, after which his mind got upset with the household, and now he is spending more Time feeding animals in the forest.

One day, while feeding the animals in the forest, they met Bhabhuta Sidh, (tell you that Guru Bhabhuta Sidh Ji Maharaj was roaming in the astral body in jungle, then he saw Jotram Ji who feeding the animal. Bhabhuta sidh ji wearing the body and met Jotram Ji ) baba Jotram met with bhabhuta sidh ji and expressed his desire to Guru Bhaguata as his disciple, Guru Bhabhuta Sidha Maharaj too was impressed with Jotram ji and he became his guru, Guru Bhabhaba Siddha Maharaj was also impressed and think that Jotram would be helpful in the work of your Paramartha.

Bhabhuta Sidha Ji kept his hand on the head of Jotram ji and gave him a prescription
Jotram Ji devoted himself in the service of Gurū Maharaj, leaving the anxiety of his animal.

While living in the company of Guru, In his mind, mortification was born, And the desire for divine work has arisen. One day Jotram Ji expressed his desire to Guru BhabbhutaSidha ji Maharaj and said, “Guruji, people are very worried in this world, if you are allowed, I want to remove the pain of suffering. Then Guru Bhabhuta Sidha Maharaj ji said, “Jotram, this is Kaluga. To do this you will have to leave this body of five elements made of this bone meat, will you be able to do this?” Then Jotram Ji replied, “O Lord God, if you have grace, then, for this reason, I am ready to leave my body. I have no love for this mortal body. I have approved all your wishes, I can break every binding for this purpose Then Bhabhata sidh Maharaj was very happy and said, “Blessed are your parents who gave birth to sons like you, my this life blessed today. I bless you, your name will be immortal in all four directions”.

After eight years of domestic religion, the time came when according to Bhabuta Sidha Maharaj, as per Indian calendar Bhadva was removed (by Dasmei) by pivana (breathing on the snake’s chest, Jotram ji) Jotram ji abandoned the mortal body after 10 o’clock in the morning, Jotram ji soul was reaching in the house of Sajna village, jotram knocking the door. Sajna came out and saw Jotram came. He asked, brother, in the morning you here is all right Everything is fine except me, mother has called you to bhanin, Coming soon, I am going.

When the Sajna reached Bhanin, there was a silence on all sides of the amazement of seeing the view there. Sajna understood that her brother’s spirit had come to him and she started crying in tears.

After one year of leaving the body, Jotram ji spoke in the face of Dulha Ram ji and after this Budharam Godhra, Chandro and Savitri ji and Gagan Ram ji spoke and many miracles were seen and everyone was surprised.

today baba jotram ji the Main temple Situated in Bhanin village, mandir name Jotram Bhagwan Mandir, bhanin

Every year Shri jotram Bhagwan Sewa Samiti organize Jotram fair on Bhado dasmi. Bhagat people came from far and wide to hear the miracle. but for the last eleven years, the name of Jotram ji remained in the same area. Then Baba Jotram ji spoke with his Guru Bhabhaba Sidha Maharaj. Guru Dev had promised you that your name will be immortal in all directions. I have fulfilled my word. Now you fulfill your promise After that Bhabuta sidh reached Kailash with Jotram. Shankar Bhagwan engaged in meditation. He was delighted in his meditation when he opened his eyes, then bhabhuta sidh request to mahadev. “hey Mahadev I have promised my disciple Its name will be spread over four directions, please fulfill him. Then Shankar Bhagwan said to Bhabuhta Sidha, Pradha’s promise is proved. Its name will be immortal in four Directions but there is an obstacle, your disciple will forget the discrimination of the low caste spread in the world and speak of the face of an untouchable, then its name will definitely be immortalized in four Directions.

Then Jotram ji touched the feet of Lord Shankar and said, “I am pleased, I will speak the face of the lower caste, but this prayer is from me to bless me None of the world’s technological savane, Sevda Aghori or Magician couldn’t have us in our control, And I can not follow the magic tone on us.

Then Shankar Bhagwan said that the content would be like that. Go by giving Tanti Bhabuti, Sorrow of pain and suffering, ask for abstinence and prohibit alcohol, no too many prat Jind witchcraft can be done in front of you

लेखक – मास्टर जगदीश लाल सारस्वतयह कथा मास्टर जगदीश लाल सारस्वत जी की पुस्तक से ली गयी है

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